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Jan 2018
Zakaria Amine
Jan 07 2018 19:54
Hello everybody
I am using Hotswap successfully on my web apps running on Tomcat
but failing to use it on a simple java main class
public class JavaEcho {
  public static void main(String[] args) {   
      String input = "";
      while(!"quit".equals(input)) {   
         System.out.print("Say : ");
          Scanner scan= new Scanner(;
          input =  scan.nextLine();
          System.out.println("Echo: " + input);
I have the hotswap-agent.propeties in the same directory with the following properties:
when I run the app , and modifiy something and compile again I see something like:
Zakaria Amine
Jan 07 2018 19:59
HOTSWAP AGENT: 20:48:40.987 RELOAD (org.hotswap.agent.config.PluginManager) - Reloading classes [JavaEcho] (autoHotswap)
which means that the agent receives the event
but the changes are not applied
am I missing on something here?
Vladimir Dvorak
Jan 07 2018 21:04
Hi, are you using dcevm?
Zakaria Amine
Jan 07 2018 21:39
Yes off course
java -XXaltjvm=dcevm -javaagent:/home/zakaria1/Downloads/hotswap-agent-1.0.jar -cp . JavaEcho