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Apr 2018
Apr 13 2018 04:46

After move class from jar into web-inf/classes I'm facing with some problem:

  1. Update Web services: Get warning about [Multiple resource methods match request]
  2. Update Web services: Sometime ConcurrentModificationException happen
  3. Update statebean: If i try to inject another bean or do something complicated, NullPointerException will happen

Can some one help me on this case?

Vladimir Dvorak
Apr 13 2018 05:53
Please create an issue on github with full stacktrace & description
Apr 13 2018 09:58
After a little of debuging i found:
  1. This is our mistake. Developer add Stateless to WebServices class.
  2. May be same cause with 1.
  3. Look like the bean is redefined it still error. I will try to confirm this problem again and create issues if need.
Vladimir Dvorak
Apr 13 2018 11:22
Could you create minimalistic non-working example? We have example apps used for testing e.g.