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Hi, I am wondering if there is an intended way to run request files outside of an editor (cli or programmatically)? my use case is running them in a CI pipeline
Huachao Mao
@bboh No, currently it's not supported
Hi, I set "rest-client.logLevel": "verbose", but still not found any logs under output for REST -- anyone knows about it?

Hi - I'm attempting to hit a port on localhost with a call in VS code. My app's code in full fat VS can hit it, my browser can hit it, but VS rest client seems to have trouble. Probably my own fault somewhere, but thought I'd check here. It simply says

Connection is being rejected. The service isn’t running on the server, or incorrect proxy settings in vscode, or a firewall is blocking requests. Details: RequestError: connect ECONNREFUSED

Also - when I do successfully make a call elsewhere - I can select part of the response body in the response pane, copy and paste, but only once! After that, even after restarts and re-installs of the rest client, it won't allow me to do it again. Thought it was me, but it's done it over 2 different machines now!
Is it possible to use authorization code flow with PKCE using this client? I'm not sure how to handle response/popup from /authorize endpoint.
Jeremy West
I use a host file entry with IP address and host to another pc on local network. This works in postman, but gives me a DNS error in Rest-Client. Does Rest-Client respect host file entries?
Huachao Mao
@jwest80 it should respect
Jeremy West
Thanks for the response. I set bindings in IIS to IP Address as a work around. The host file entry works in browser/Postman ect... Not sure what is wrong then.
I can also ping using the address in host file from terminal in vscode.
Jeremy West
@Huachao I solved my issue by running VS Code as administrator. The hosts file was readable by Everyone. I will update if I learn more, but the issue is clearly on my box.
trying to post mesage with custom headers. but rest client not sending custom headers are.
how can i send custom header in post message
Constantinos Christoforou
Is there a way to share a dynamic variable across files?
I want to store the jwt token in a variable and have access to it on different files.
Now i have 1 files for all of my request, but i am trying to break them in different files.
Valerii Koval
+1 to the question about sharing variable between files.
As an alternative option - is it possible to add 'set global var' functionality?
This would help a lot in such cases when we want to get a token and then share it between few files.
@constantinoschristoforou meanwhile I've prepared a script to get the token to a ".env" file and use that file in the http files:
'@authToken = {{$dotenv authToken}}'
Peter Wippermann
I stumbled across the annotations @skip and @status. Are those officially available and documented?
Peter Wippermann

I stumbled across the annotations @skip and @status. Are those officially available and documented?

In my case these seem to be used as "Per-request Settings". But only note is officially documented: https://github.com/Huachao/vscode-restclient#per-request-settings

Pavel Yudin
Hi! can anyone share me an example with "Send request" button like implementing in my vscode extension? pure js is favorite )) i'll see your sources, but ts... search for basics )
Hi Huachao, for me curl is working fine but not rest client on localhost

POST http://localhost:8080/oauth/token HTTP/1.1

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


curl -X POST -u "client1:bla" -d "grant_type=client_credentials" http://localhost:8080/oauth/token
I am on vdi, not sure if that makes any difference
Peter Wippermann

I stumbled across the annotations @skip and @status. Are those officially available and documented?

These are custom annotations only available in a private fork. They are not part of the officially available vscode-restclient

Hi folks - just came across this extension. Wondering if anyone has managed to get this to work with smart card certificates?
Don Khan
Hello, I'm running into that error "(command 'rest-client.request' not found)" again. I did the usual uninstall/reinstall and manual install and not able to resolve. Even uninstalled/reinstalled VS Code. This was working fine for a while, I recently updated my VS Code to 1.56.2. I'll try to see if I can download an older version of VS Code to try my theory. Has anyone got this working with the latest VS Code build, 1.56.2. REST Client 0.24.5. Is there some thing I can do to trace this?
Don Khan
Never mind. I ended up deleting my ~/.rest-client directory and restarted VS Code and things are back to normal. I saw referenced to this directory in an earlier thread and decided to give it a try. Problem solved.
Jeremy Kuhnash
Any thoughts on a small project to execute HTTP files via command line?
@jeremykuhnash I've been using httpyac which is very much like rest-client but it includes a very flexible command line interface. Very very good. https://github.com/AnWeber/httpyac
Jeremy Kuhnash
Thank you dwayne!
@Huachao 大佬你好,配置文件是否支持和*.http 在同一个目录?
我翻了目前的文档 ,没有找到资料,好像不支持这个,是吗
I've encountered this error: OPENSSL_internal:WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER. I have a vague impression it has to do with http: versus https: Any clues?
swiss bobo
rest client brought me here from google
am having a trouble with sending autorization
aww i thought there is a life chat going on here anyway let me read the previous solutions hehehe

I've encountered this error: OPENSSL_internal:WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER. I have a vague impression it has to do with http: versus https: Any clues?

same. how do i fix it?

It's actually me

Any idea how to send a json file as request body? I am getting a serialization error when I try this..

POST http://localhost:7071/function-app-v1 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

< ./Samples/sample-payload.json

The request body I get via restclient cannot be deserialized. .NET Serailizer says '<' is an invalid start of a value. Path: $ | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 0.

However, if I copy-paste the content inside the sample-payload.json, and try to send it, it works perfectly fine.

Anish Chakraborty
Hello, is there a way to run the complete .http file as a script from the cli?
PUT http://localhost:3550/postterms

    "znumber": []
I need to send request to local server, why does it always return "read ECONNRESET" issue, any body could help me?
hey Folks, not sure if this is the place for questions (you can redirect me if there's a better place) I want to ask what's the correct way to override a setting per request, the documentation seems to be # @settingName [settingValue] but the following # @previewOption exchange and multiple variations of the same, don't seem to work, any chance someone knows how?
Huy Pham
Hi everyone, I just tried to use Rest Client and it's very very good
but I don't know if we can write Pre-Request Script similar as Postman?
james wolf
hey sorry if this question is posted elsewhere but I cant figure out to urlencode a url parameter variable. I have json and need to have it URLEncoded as I pass it on like this to my endpoint: query=%7B%22query%22%3A%7B%22model%22%3A%22mx%22%2C%22condition%22%3A%22used%22.....
and I have the variable as raw json, but I cant figure out how to do the conversion from raw json to encoded json and pass it as a GET url parameter
does that make sense?
Hey there, quick question. Is there any way to format the file content in .http or .restfiles please? I didn't found anything tbh
Tyler Canton
Trying to use REST client to build oAuth file
Please help me out ANYONE
Hi! Everyone. Has anyone gotten this error while executing a https post request? write EPROTO 2250632:error:1000042e:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:TLSV1_ALERT_PROTOCOL_VERSION:../../third_party/boringssl/src/ssl/tls_record.cc:594:SSL alert number 70
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