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Jan 2016
Oren Novotny
Jan 06 2016 01:13
If it builds ok then I'd ignore the errors
or rather warnings
the first three are bogus from NuGet
the last bunch are because the ApprovalTests/Utilities libs don't actually specify a version in their dependencies
which are really broken packages
Oren Novotny
Jan 06 2016 01:20
I've raised an issue with the NuGet team to see what's going on there
Thijs Brobbel
Jan 06 2016 20:55
OK, good to know. Thanks!
However, things are still not completely working for me: when I open the project properties for the Humanizer PCL, the Library page gives me this:
and when I enable NCrunch, the project doesn't build, and I get the exception in this Gist:
do I maybe miss some Dnx tools for Visual Studio?
Oren Novotny
Jan 06 2016 22:47
I think NCrunch might be messed up
can you raise a bug with them and cc me?
not sure why you're seeing that error in the PCL
can you get the latest and try again?
I worked around one VS bug they had with the project.json
NCrunch might be stumbling with non-DNX projects that use project.json