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Feb 2016
Joseph Musser
Feb 27 2016 23:38
@onovotny I use Humanizer in a lot of projects. Ran into another issue with project.json. Switched an ASP.NET MVC 5 csproj to project.json instead of packages.config and when I reinstalled the NuGet packages, none of the \Content or \Scripts were reinstalled. Your blog post mentions copying manually, but where is the source to copy from?
Seems to mean that as of December 18th, project.json and ASP.NET 4 are not a good idea. Which means that project.json is not in fact supported for all project types. Which brings us back to Humanizer being ridiculous on NuGet v2. Hopefully this isn't the case?
Or, is it just as easy to start using Bower for existing ASP.NET 4 csprojs without losing bundling etc? If that's a thing, a link to a guide for that in your project.json blog post would be nice.