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Mar 2016
Oren Novotny
Mar 19 2016 00:39
Just to chime in here, I'd agree that Humanizer really isn't intended as a grammar library
there's far too many rules for that, best handled by the OS or dedicated libraries
Humanizer does try to help for simple and common things
Joseph Musser
Mar 19 2016 20:33
So @onovotny, I'm blocked on using Humanizer 2 with ASP.NET 4. Can you expand on how to use project.json with ASP.NET 4 projects?
Your blog post mentions copying the contents manually but I don't have a clear picture of how that works. I'd like to script that as part of the build process.
Oren Novotny
Mar 19 2016 22:01
there shouldn't be any issue with humanizer
that copying has to do with contentFiles
the issue with mvc projects is just all the default stuff they put in
a lot of people hate that default cruft anyway
Joseph Musser
Mar 19 2016 23:00
Humanizer isn't the problem package, but I'm blocked because it's such a kludge to use Humanizer without project.json and I don't know how to migrate MVC 5/ASP.NET 4 to project.json.
Do you have any insight on that or am I going to have to figure it out by trial and error?
Specifically the installation of /Content and /Scripts?
Or if NuGet 3.5 will provide a cool solution or something?