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Repo info
    I think there is more use cases, but ie. mountWebDav
    could do great as decorator
    MW just loads pass-store(asynchronously) and displays itself
    (most options disabled)
    and waits for PassLoaded signal
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    the config is terribly set-up see IJHack/QtPass#235
    I'm trying to clean it up .. but currently don't have the time
    the webdav stuff I have never touched
    that was all @rdoeffinger
    the checkconfig is mostly needed for first time
    and in the configdialog there is a wizard that's also weird
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    that was me . . mostly
    realitygaps @realitygaps considering bridging the channel to the irc one
    good to know, I want touch config stuff then
    it would be nice to have one function for all initial config loading and reloading later
    so that there is one place to add/modify things
    (of course if possible)
    I haven't looked at wizard's source code, but it seems all right from UX perspective
    allows to set up everything quickly
    I even regret that it's not possible to call it directly from menu or smth to create more keys
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    @tezeb check out the develop branch for that
    have weird issues though
    the config cleanup
    @annejan is there a reason for executing processes as a concatenated string(ie. process.start(app + " " + args + " ")) and not as QStringList as defined in interface?
    ie. process.start(app, {arg1, arg2, arg3...}) // assuming c++11
    I think about changing it, but I would prefer not to break some compatibility with some odd OS or smth
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    mmm .. nope should be good as a string list too . . if I recall correctly
    this is over 2 years ago though (summer 2014) so I can't be sure . .
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    I'm going for a 1.1.6 release with just bugfixes
    no new features
    just to clear the air ;)
    it's 1.1.5 with just the bugfixes
    :shipit: or should I take in some more urgent changes tot 1.1.5 ??
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    :thumbsup: released
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    I have removed that damn irritating Snap CI thing
    I'm not going to pay for it and with all the false positives on memory allocation
    it's just not worth the effort
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    Hello, the website says that: "QtPass requires Qt 4.8", while the github page says that "QtPass requires Qt 5"
    which is correct
    I need to compile QtPass with QT 4.8.2
    is that possible with current version? Or do I need older version ?
    @realitygaps:chat.weho.st test from matrix.org
    Anne Jan Brouwer
    Well, it works with Qt 4.8 but I haven't tested any of the latest builds . . no guarantees on wether or not it will work :(
    Laverne Schrock
    Am I correct in thinking that QtPass doesn't currently have any method for moving entries between folders?