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Bram Huirne
António Pinto
Hello, anyone around?
Ian Lunn
If you need help with Hover.css or have a question and I'm not around, send me a message on Twitter
how to change background color for each effect?
Salvatore Eckel
Thanks for the animations :sparkles: :clap:
Gordon Smith
@IanLunn Is there any way to make a hover effect "stick" programatically? I could then use the hover effect to indicate a "selected" of "checked" button.
Ian Lunn
@GordonSmith I plan on adding this in a future version. Here's a pull request you might like to try although it's not fully integrated: IanLunn/Hover#54
Gordon Smith
I will take a look - thx.
Eric Vida
Anyone tried using mixins on a ::before pseudo class. Is that possible?
Adam Lawicki
Just a shoutout to @IanLunn because THIS IS SO AWESOME.
Abrar Shariar
@IanLunn keep building more cool stuffs...i am a big follower of your work
hey folks, i was wondering how i would use the .hvr-grow where the class is already class="img-responsive" is that doable?
Ian Arsenault
Does anyone know how to re-initialize the hvr-underline-from-center after removing the class?
I have a drop down menu button that has this class on when, but when I click it the underline stays
I try to remove the class on click, and add the class on the second click, but it doesn't work
    $("#ddRemoveC").click(function () {

        $("#ddRemoveC").click(function () {
This is what it looks like
When I hover it does the animation
Ian Arsenault
when the button is clicked it sets it to active keeping the underline
and when I click to get rid of the drop down it stays active
Hey Lunn It's very awesome plugin "hover.css" but i have a question to you ....
How to change background color I mean effect color for each button
Aamir Shah
Hi :)
I'm playing with hover.css and its awesome, but most of hover effects are not applying on img element, is there any way to apply those effects on img element?
Ian Arsenault
@aamir1995 Not sure, maybe set the image as a background image to a div using css, and add the hover.css to the div itself.
Richard Tandoh
Eddie Taliaferro II
just a quick question if anyone is here
if i wanted to change the color of the blue in the effect bounce to right (or any other effect), how would i go about doing that in the css?
E Ross
Any know the formating to combine hover.css with the animated fadeInDown css
Ian Arsenault
@Mobilosity_co_twitter What exactly are you trying to do?
i love you all
great work and effort
Abhinandan Dubey
Hi anyone facing issues using hover.css with Bootstrap ?
anyone online?
http://cssanimation.io/ A CSS Animation Library to help you create stunning animations
anybody here?
Hello , how should i change the hvr-overline-reveal color? it seems that something is blocking it from taking the color im putting
Joe Guerra
how do i add this to my railis app
Joe Guerra
Karina Machado
Hi, I installed the hover.css using npm install, my project is in React JS, I use @import url("hover-min.css") in my css file, follow the instructions at the github how to use in a button, so didn't work.
sohel sayyad
why hover effect not work on grandchild class