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Raymond Bergen
this does work, but my question is is thes the way to do it? because i expected it to be set in the userservice
I'm trying to inject custom view service as below
factory.ViewService = new Registration<IViewService, CustomViewService>();
But looks like it never get called when tries to access a controller with [Authorize] attribute. Is this functionality working for anyone IdentityServer3
vishak os

Can someone give some guideline on what's happening when a .Net MVC Web API try to validate the bearer token using identityserverbearertokenauthentication middleware. I would like to know the process that's happening in the background. I wan't to enable logging during this process but i'm not sure on enabling the logging for Identity Model library.

I’m getting a 401 error and not sure what’s causing the issue. I’ve enabled the Katana logging at the identity server side but I don’t see any entry regarding the bearer token validation.

Current setup.
I’ve a MVC web api protected by identity server 3. I had it working earlier with endpoint as https://local host:4434/api,
I changed the routing parameter to have three extra fields: https://localhost:4434/{param1}/{param2}/{param3}/api.

I would like to know what changes I may need to make at the Identity Server to get the access token validated.
From my postman client - I’m able to get an access token but not able to validate it. Any help will be highly appreciated.

i am getting this error after hosting the application.
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond 164.XXX.XXX.XX:443. This is when client application tries to login via SSO. Can anybody help please?
Chris G. Stevens
I have a requirement to be able to add/update IdentityProviders. It seems like the only way to add is through the startup and registering at runtime with app.UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication()
Is this something can be done or even recommended? It would be nice to add an external auth and not have to restart the site.
Chris Asis
hello, anyone knows the password for idsrv3test.pfx?
Hi, Has any one implemented Password Reset functionality using Identity Server3?
I need some help in this area
public class CustomViewService : DefaultViewService
public CustomViewService(DefaultViewServiceOptions config, IViewLoader viewLoader)
: base(config, viewLoader)
    public override Task<Stream> Login(LoginViewModel model, SignInMessage message)
        //if(model.ErrorMessage == "Invalid Username or password")
        if (model.ErrorMessage == "Your Password is expired.")
            //model.Custom = new
            //    reenterpassword = "",
            //    confirmpassword = ""

            return base.Render(model, "resetPassword");
            model.Custom = new
                newpassword = "",
                confirmpassword = ""

            return base.Login(model, message);
        //return base.Login(model, message);
I just created one view called resetPassword and redirecting it when password is expired
I created custom view in Templates folder
In the Custom view trying to access New Password and Confirm Password through model.Custom object
<div class="form-group">
<label for="New Password">New Password</label>
<input required id="newpassword" name="newpassword" type="password" class="form-control" placeholder="New Password" ng-model="model.custom.newpassword" autocomplete="off" maxlength="100">
<div class="form-group">
<label for="Confirm Password">Confirm Password</label>
<input required id="confirmpassword" name="confirmpassword" type="password" class="form-control" placeholder="Confirm Password" ng-model="model.custom.confirmpassword" maxlength="100">
but I am getting custom object as null
Is there any way to pass custom view custom fields from view to CustomViewService?
created a question in stackoverflow for same
Hi, i know this is the wrong fora to ask but i thought it was worth a shot, does anyone have experience with IdSrv2 and External IdP ? getting redirected, authenticated and returned to IdSrvs HRD endpoint but keep getting ID1032 and ID4175 exceptions, Shouldn't the issuer thumbprint in IdP configuration be enough to specify the Audience and IssuerName links ? planning on migrating over to IdSrv4 but need to get this up and running for a customer for a pilot first
We are using IdentityServer through Nuget and the tempkey.rsa. Will this be decommissioned after Nov 2022?
Hi I am adding Microsoft login support on my Microsoft teams client app. I can't add Microsoft as an external identity provider, because in teams I have to use MSAL.js library to get token from Mcirosoft. After getting access token, how can should i call Identity server with that token to authenticate user. Which O Auth 2 flow should i use?
Lms is an aim to pass dotNet platform quickly constructs the framework of micro-service development. It has the characteristics of stability, safety, high performance, easy expansion and easy use.
https://github.com/liuhll/lms Lms is an aim to pass dotNet platform quickly constructs the framework of micro-service development. It has the characteristics of stability, safety, high performance, easy expansion and easy use.
I am starting to work on a new Application with Identity Server4. I heard they will be supporting IdentityServer4 until the end of the life of .NET Core 3.1 in November 2022. Can anyone advise me on is it better to start with IS4 and what challenges I will face in the future if I use IS4?
var result = await _signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(Input.Email, Input.Password, Input.RememberMe, lockoutOnFailure: false);
how can i get the jwt token from this ?
it creates a jwt token inside localstorage