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Jan 2015
Rati Dzidziguri
Jan 28 2015 18:21
What do you mean? you mean something like Role based security?
Dominick Baier
Jan 28 2015 18:39
sure - but this is not an identityserver problem - resource authorization should be done in the resource
that said - you can add user specific claims to access tokens of course.
Jason Poley
Jan 28 2015 20:28
is there a good sample connecting v3 to ADFS 3 (aka win2012r2) for AD to JWT ?
John Korsnes
Jan 28 2015 20:40
nice sentence
abbr FTW
Jason Poley
Jan 28 2015 20:56
trying to connect windows federated active directory (version 3) to thinktecture (version3) to produce json web tokens for applications
John Korsnes
Jan 28 2015 21:11
John Korsnes
Jan 28 2015 21:23
but I havenĀ“t used those parts of idsrv (yet), so better ask the experts. There's also a lot of info if you search the issue tracker of idsrv for ADFS / ws-fed
Jason Poley
Jan 28 2015 21:44
I would think this would be a fairly common use case, any experts here?
Brock Allen
Jan 28 2015 22:27
@jpoley look at configuring external identity providers -- from IdSrv's perspective, ADFS is just like any other: