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Mar 2015
Loc Tan Vo
Mar 04 2015 06:25
@aaronpowell I was thinking about a redirect to IdServer. If the user is logged in, he/she does not need to type in the credentials before redirected back to the RP. In this case, GetProfileDataAsync (or similarly) is still executed. The IdToken is returned with updated claims
@prasanna981 no, sorry
Aaron Powell
Mar 04 2015 22:03
@loctanvo and how would that work with a Resource Owner flow?
Mar 04 2015 22:32
The SampleAspNetWebApi project has Authority hard-coded instead of having a reference to the Constants project and using Sample.Constants.BaseAddress. Not a biggie, though it did take me a bit to figure out why it wasn't working. Not as long as an issue with my machineKey, but still... :)