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Nov 2015
Remy Lebeau
Nov 19 2015 02:46 does not run an echo server. Echo is an actual protocol. You are confusing echo with ping, which is implemented in Indy using TIdICMPClient (ping is a type of ICMP request).
Nov 19 2015 09:35
Remy, that's exactly what i successfully figured out last night :( I was completely mistaken! So i created a thread, and there i create a TIdICMPClient, using its "ping" method. It works much better! Thank you :)
Remy Lebeau
Nov 19 2015 17:37
just be aware that TIdIcmpClient uses a RAW socket internally, and RAW sockets are restricted to admin users on most platforms, so your app/thread needs to run with elevated privileges. Otherwise, try looking at platform-specific APIs that are not restricted to admins, like Win32's IcmpSendEcho().