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Nov 2015
Nov 24 2015 18:18
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I am having a problem with HTTP GET and UTF-8 (Builder XE3 - Indy

I use the following code:

String text = String(u"قفز الثعلب البني السريع فوق الكلب الكسول");
url = "" + text;
url = TIdURI::URLEncode(url);
IdHTTP1->IOHandler->DefStringEncoding = TIdTextEncoding_UTF8;
IdHTTP1->Request->ContentType = "text/plain; charset=UTF-8";
IdHTTP1->Get(url, strm);

When Executed in my application I get an exception - HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request

If I copy and paste the TIdURI encoded URL (Arabic encoded as hex) into a browser all works OK.

Any ideas?

Nov 24 2015 21:26
dont worry thanks sorted