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Jan 2016
Jan 12 2016 21:37
is there a solution for Andorid 6 Openssl problem? SLL with IndySocket on Android Marsmallow edition doesnt work?
Remy Lebeau
Jan 12 2016 21:39
Indy does not yet support Android 6's native BoringSSL replacement for OpenSSL. Work in progress. In the meantime, you would have to deploy standard OpenSSL .so files with your app and tell Indy to use them instead.
I did check in some changes last night for BoringSSL, but have not done any tests yet. Don't know if more changes are needed. Google has a document that outlines how to port OpenSSL code to BoringSSL, but I haven't looked to see how it will affect Indy
Jan 12 2016 22:44
thank you rlebeau for fast answer.