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Feb 2016
Feb 10 2016 00:53
can't compile the latest Indy source without including other Embarcadero units due to interface changes, I expect
Ludwig Behm
Feb 10 2016 16:05
Hy, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'm new to embarcadero/indy and have some general starting questions for a C++ Builder DataSnap-REST application:
Does a ISAPI-based applications use Indy components?
Wich implementation is recommended for a new robust application: Stand-Alone-Server (windows service) or WebServer-Module (IIS, Apache)?
Is there any serious guidelines/tutorials for a secure web application? More than just activating SSL and doing a Login? More like configure MaxConnections, is additional thread pooling necessary? The unexpected stuff.
Hope someone can help, thx
Remy Lebeau
Feb 10 2016 17:29
@davidpn which D/CB/RAD version are you compiling for? What are the actual errors?
Feb 10 2016 22:26
Delphi 10 Seattle.. gimme a little while and I'll check what the exact error is, however it's a conflict between IdHTTP and one of the SOAP-related RTL units, IIRC
Remy Lebeau
Feb 10 2016 23:40
AFAIK Indy compiles fine in Seattle (Embarcadero and I work together on each new D/CB/RAD release to make sure Indy works). Indy doesn't use anything from the SOAP units, and SOAP hides its use of Indy behind an abstraction layer. So there should not be a conflicts in user code.