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May 2016
Remy Lebeau
May 12 2016 16:35
@czhower looks like things are back online now, except for the PHP forum
May 12 2016 17:25
Yes it is. We disabled PHP for now. We need to decide where to go - do we push users to EMBT now that their web forum and NNTP seems solid? Or do you want to pick on of the .NET based forums and we can install? We only have 3 users of PHP and its been nothign but problematic for years so I want PHP off the server.
Remy Lebeau
May 12 2016 18:02
@davidpn the Android binaries are now posted in the Embarcadero Attachments forum:
Remy Lebeau
May 12 2016 18:14
@czhower it is your server, your call. I would hate to lose all of the history of the PHP forum, unless you can archive it somewhere public. I don't really have any experience with other forum softwares. My own site's forum (which I rarely touch) is running SimpleMachine, which uses PHP. I would be nice for Indy to continue having its own forum instead of relying on Embarcadero's forum, since Indy does support other compilers than just Delphi/C++Builder (Indy does get discussed in the FreePascal forums).
Remy Lebeau
May 12 2016 18:22
@davidpn OK, some other users have gotten the Android binaries working. Add the .so files to your project deployment and set them to deploy to the '.\assets\internal\' folder, then add the System.StartupCopy unit to your dpr 'uses' clause, and call IdOpenSSLSetLibPath(TPath.GetDocumentsPath) at app startup. Then OpenSSL gets loaded instead of BoringSSL.
May 12 2016 21:17
Thanks Remy