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May 2016
Remy Lebeau
May 20 2016 00:50
@czhower can you redirect to a temp site that tells users why the site is down?
Ludwig Behm
May 20 2016 09:50
Or just reinstall/fix php?
Remy Lebeau
May 20 2016 16:00
Fix the machine crashing, maybe. But Chad wants to get rid of PHP altogether, so a reinstall is probably not an option. I'd hate to lose all of the current history if they switch to another forum solution
Matthijs ter Woord
May 20 2016 16:02
@rlebeau problem is php uses a lot of resources on the server...
May 20 2016 23:49
@rlebeau What's the proper way to clone a TIdNNTP and TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL? I'm using : TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketBase(AHandler).Clone where AHandler is the original handler. This works OK on Windows, but not on mobile.. I've even tried explicitly copying over the Host and Port properties, to no avail
Remy Lebeau
May 20 2016 23:56
@davidpn Why are you trying to clone it at all? You really shouldn't be. You should be using a completely separate TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL object for each TIdNNTP object. Clone() is meant to create a child SSLIOHandler that is attached to a parent SSLIOHandler, such as in TIdFTP when it creates a data transfer connection. You should not be using a linked clone in TIdNNTP