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May 2016
May 22 2016 17:56
Many forums can import from PHP. PHP has been problematic ever since we installed it years ago - even though its regualarly been patched etc . But when it finally was able to crash and power off our server several timse in a single day and result in 36+ hours off time... I've hit my limit for PHP.
PHP would eat all the RAM on the server... causing a fault and power off
and sometimes it would do it during boot... making it really hard to get a remote server back online ... fortunately we got it online long enough to disable php.
Every power off was preceded immediately in the event log but an out of system ram caused by PHP and disabling PHP fixed all issues immediately.
Ludwig Behm
May 22 2016 21:14
@czhower which php version are you using? And which forum system?
@mterwoord well than just restrict it? Nobody sane would give a mssql server all the memory, right?