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Oct 2016
Ludwig Behm
Oct 07 2016 14:12
Can someone explain me why TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge wants to create a WebModul instance for each WebRequest? (or why Embarcadero wants multiple instances - I know WebReq can reuse them)
Are they not threadsafe or does Embarcadero just expects from the normal dev, that they implement them in an not-threadsafe manner?
From a performace point of view: Would you recommend to skip TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge and handle Requests from OnCommandGet to a simplified TCustomWebDispatcher instance? In the end I want to serve multiple WebDispatcher. (REST, FileDispatcher)
Maicon Martins
Oct 07 2016 14:52
good personal day, someone help me with a question about an SFTP connection using Indy 10?
good morning*
Maicon Martins
Oct 07 2016 14:58
the connection is completed, however I can not access the folders
Failed to change directory.
Maicon Martins
Oct 07 2016 15:20
using Delphi 2010