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Oct 2016
Walter Prins
Oct 10 2016 16:28
Hellooo!!!! Anybody home? :)
Walter Prins
Oct 10 2016 16:50
We've finally got around to upgrading from Seattle to Berlin 10.1 Update 1, however I'm getting strange problems with TIdHTTP on 10.1 against a particular web service. Code which worked fine on Seattle (and for many versions prior) is getting HTTP 403 rejections from a Squid NTLMSSPI proxy server. The same code and proxy server works with Seattle and succeeds with HTTP 200. Any suggestions? Unfortunately putting together a SSCCE for this may be challenging due to the involvement of the proxy server which may or may not be contributing in some way to the issue, as well as the particular web service being called. But again: The exact same code works fine via the same proxy server when compiled with Seattle, which suggests something has changed in 10.1 Berlin to cause this...
Remy Lebeau
Oct 10 2016 16:52
@devimplode I have no idea how WebBroker works or why it manages its objects the way it does.
@MRMartins666_twitter Indy does not support SFTP (FTP over SSH), but it does support FTPS (FTP over SSL). If you are sucessfully connected to an FTP(S) server and simply getting an error with the TIdFTP.ChangeDir() method, chances are your logged in user account does not have access to the folder you are trying to change to.
@ByteJuggler I am not aware of any changes in TIdHTTP between Seattle and Berlin that would account for what you are seeing. You are going to have to debug your code to see what is actually happening. For starters, I would suggest using a packet sniffer like Wireshark, or at least attach a TIdLog... component to TIdHTTP, to see if there are any differences between the HTTP requests that Seattle sends vs the HTTP requests that Berlin sends.
Walter Prins
Oct 10 2016 17:00
@rlebeau OK thanks I'll try TIdLog and perhaps try wireshark if need be... thanks for the response.
Ludwig Behm
Oct 10 2016 17:04
thanks @rlebeau, I will just test it further... it's funny how the "performance" related blog posts I found yet, completely ignore how Indy and the WebBroker internals work...