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Oct 2016
Remy Lebeau
Oct 27 2016 00:56
AFAIK, the latest DLLs work with the latest version of Indy, so make sure you are using DLLs that are packages together
Oct 27 2016 07:47
Definitely using the same DLLs from the same ZIP, extracted into the EXE directory.
Jeroen Wiert Pluimers
Oct 27 2016 12:51
From a TIdSocketHandle or TIdSocketHandle: is it possible to see who has initiated the connection? i.e. if it's Binding.Peer that initiated to Binding.IP or the other way around?
Remy Lebeau
Oct 27 2016 16:44
@jpluimers A socket is bidirectional, it doesn't know or care which direction the connection was initially established. You will have to keep track of that yourself based on whether the socket is coming from a client component or a server component.