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Jan 2017
Mustafa Şengül
Jan 17 2017 04:28
hi guys
is there indy documentaion for c++ builder links ? ty
Jan 17 2017 10:11
Hi All,
Jan 17 2017 10:16
Hi All, I am attempting to install Indy 10 into Delphi 2009 on a Windows 10 machine. I am able to compile all of the various DPK files with no problems, but am getting an issue when I try to install the 2 compiled BPL files into the component library. The error is, The procedure entry point @Ididn@intialization$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\program files (x86)\codegear\ rad studio\6.0\bin\dclIndyCore120.bpl. Is anyone aware of any specific issues with Windows 10. I have successfully installed done this before in Delphi 9, but on a Windows 7 PC.
Jan 17 2017 17:06
You likely have old copies of indy or more than one version lying around. you need to search and destroy them.
Remy Lebeau
Jan 17 2017 17:13
@PaulRedkite did you first remove the Indy version that ships pre-installed in the IDE?
@semusta, though some of it is a bit dated. There is nothing specific to C++Builder, though. Indy works the same in Delphi and C++, it is just a matter of the different code syntax between the two languages.