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Mar 2017
Mar 20 2017 10:24 UTC

Hi, Remy!
How do i properly migrate from Indy9 next code:

AHashMessageDigest5 := TIdHashMessageDigest5.Create;
Result := AHashMessageDigest5.HashValue(AStream); (T4x4LongWordRecord)

i don't see any implementations of HashValue anymore as i saw it in Indy9...

Remy Lebeau
Mar 20 2017 16:47 UTC
@icegood the base TIdHash class has public HashStream() and HashSteamAsHex() methods, eg: Result := AHashMessageDigest5.HashStream(AStream); where Result is a TIdBytes, or Result := AHashMessageDigest5.HashStreamAsHex(AStream); where Result is a String.