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Apr 2017
Apr 19 2017 08:36

Hi, Remy. After migration from Indy9 to Indy10 i found one more issue:
our web server always requires Content-Length in header of HTTP Post method. It doesn't matter whether ContentStream is assigned or not.
In Indy10 code i see that in case when ASource is not assigned then header is not added:
if Assigned(ARequest.Source) then begin
ARequest.ContentLength := ARequest.Source.Size;
end else begin
ARequest.ContentLength := -1; => leads to omitting of 'Content-Length'
For this moment i have workaround via adding 'Content-Length' to CustomHeaders (value is '0', works great!). Moreover, seems Indy9 always added 'Content-Length'!

Please, consider adding 'Content-Length' always in library as well. At least i see it is a widespread issue:

Apr 19 2017 11:00
Hi, I have problem with GStack.LocalAddress. When I call this function on Windows Server 2016 (ver. 1607, build 14393, virtualized), error occured. Function Stub_GetAdaptersAddresses() returns any pointer, but GetAdaptersAddresses() return error 127. Some solution?
Remy Lebeau
Apr 19 2017 15:56
@icegood Indy 9 does not allow the source stream to be nil. If the request is POST or PUT, it assumes a valid stream and will crash accessing the Size if the stream is nil. Indy 9 also omitted the Content-Length for all requests other than POST and PUT. Indy 10 allows a nil source stream, but the real question is - why are you posting a nil source stream to begin with? You really shouldn't be. That being said, I have checked in a fix to generate a 'Content-Length: 0' header when the source stream is nil for POST and PUT requests.
Remy Lebeau
Apr 19 2017 16:03
@perverez error 127 is ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND. GetAdaptersAddresses() should not be returning that error, it comes from GetProcAddress() instead. Did you check to make sure Indy is able to load iphlpapi.dll correctly before calling GetAdaptersAddresses()?
Apr 19 2017 17:13
Hi, I check all - DLL is loaded (hIpHlpApi > 0), GetAdaptersAddresses is assigned, function Stub_GetAdaptersAddresses not calling Impl_GetAdaptersAddresses. The problem does not occur in the physical network interface cards, only in Hyper-V.
Remy Lebeau
Apr 19 2017 19:15
@perverez Then that is an OS issue, not an Indy issue. Ask Microsoft why GetAdaptersAddresses() returns 127 in Hyper-V (apparently you have already tried to?). It is likely a driver bug or something like that.
Remy Lebeau
Apr 19 2017 19:26
@perverez does GetAdaptersInfo() exhibit the same problem? If I have Indy treat ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND the same as ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED when calling GetAdaptersAddresses(), Indy would then fallback to GetAdaptersInfo().