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May 2017
May 01 2017 09:21

@rlebeau, i've just checked change of size via Debug Watch . As i said above it happens only in case when my stream position is at the end.

I have another question, my HTTP protocol has KeepAlive=True and i see that in this case no disconnection happens:

if not Response.KeepAlive then begin
// TODO: do not disconnect if hoNoReadMultipartMIME is in effect
// TODO: do not disconnect if hoNoReadChunked is in effect

but i wonder whether is it a good idea to disconnect in case when socket error occurs? E.g. 'connection reset by peer'?

May 01 2017 09:29
@rlebeau : "but there is currently no option to add custom headers to TIdMultipartFormDataStream fields, sorry."
we don't need that , do we? I've added MD5 header directly to TIdHTTP.CustomHeader and it works for me