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May 2017
May 17 2017 13:32
Does the proxy authentification in IdHTTP work with NTLM? And if, what have I to do? Just simple put Username and Password to IdHttp1.ProxyParams.ProxyUsername and IdHttp1.ProxyParams.ProxyPassword? For my bad I have no proxy with ntlm authentification here for testing and it seems that setting up a squid with ntlm is a little bit complicated :(
Remy Lebeau
May 17 2017 16:55
@mezen Proxy auhentication uses the same mechanism as normal HTTP authentication - Indy's TIdAuthentication classes. TIdHTTP only supports BASIC authentication (TIdBasicAuthentication) by default, but adding additional IdAuthentication... units to your uses clause will activate other classes. NTLM is handled by the TIdNTLMAuthentication class in the IdAuthenticationNTLM unit, which is actually untested and thus is not registered in the IDE by default, but you can try adding it to your projct manually and see if it works.