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Jul 2017
Remy Lebeau
Jul 24 2017 21:30
@DelphiWorlds I glanced at the example you posted, offhand I don't know why it is not working, but I have not had a chance to run it yet. I've been out of town the past week and just saw the post this morning
@mezen the simplest equivilent is to 1) resolve the IP using the socket API gethostname() or getaddrinfo() directly (which are wrapped by Indy's TIdStack.HostByName() method), which uses the OS's own DNS resolver; and then 2) resolve the HostName using gethostbyaddr() or getnameinfo() (which are wrapped by Indy's TIdStack.HostByAddress() method), which also use the OS's own DNS resolver. Yes, TIdDNSResolverrequires a Host, because it implements DNS manually from scratch, and doesn't use the OS resolver at all. You can query your OS's DNS server(s), or let the user specify them.
Jul 24 2017 21:32
ok.. thanks
Jul 24 2017 21:59
Hello Techies, I am new to this forum I have a problem with INDY IDHTTP and IDSSLIOHANDLERSOCKET in delphi 5, after adding 3DES encyption in the server, all the rest call using "THTTP" fails with exception "Error Connecting with SSL", is there a way to fix this ? thanks in advance...!!
Remy Lebeau
Jul 24 2017 22:04
@MravArun are you using an up-to-date version of Indy 10? Are you using OpenSSL DLLs that have 3DES enabled? You might have to tweak the IOHandler's CipherList property to control which ciphers are enabled.
@MravArun also note that 3DES is vulnerable to attack, so why would you want to enable it in your server in the first place?