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Sep 2017
Sep 07 2017 00:24
I only have unites: Digest, Manager, NTLM and SSPI.
Are Manager and SSPI also authentications?
Remy Lebeau
Sep 07 2017 00:38
@Valmeras Basic is implemented in IdAuthentication.pas, there is no IdAuthenticationBasic.pas unit (maybe there should have been one, but it was not written that way). No, IdAuthenticationManager.pas does not implement any authentications, it is a container used by TIdHTTP to remember attempted authentications across multiple TCP connections. IdAuthenticationSSPI.pas implements NTLM and Negotiate authentications using Microsoft's SSPI API, which is different than IdAuthenticationNTLM.pas, which implements NTLM authentication manually from scratch without any OS dependencies.
Sep 07 2017 02:43
I cannot locate the header file which includes Negotiate. Which header file includes Negotiate?