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Nov 2017
I'm trying to update/convert an older project from another developer that used Delphi 7 and evidently, Indy 9. I uploaded the module that uses the multicast declaration. I will admit to this topic being a little over my head. Thank you for the responses so far. TIdIPMreq did move the error message further into the module.
Remy Lebeau
Nov 14 2017 00:44
@dgbaxter like I said, Indy already wraps those commands. I probably would not have written TIdIPMultiCastClientAdv.GetBinding() in that manner, not even in Indy 9. At the very least, in Indy 10, consider using Bindings[i].AddMulticastMembership(FMulticastGroups[n]) and Bindings[i].DropMulticastMembership(FMulticastGroups[n]); instead of Bindings[i].SetSockOpt() directly.
Nov 14 2017 00:48
what's the reason for using multiple multicast groups?
Remy Lebeau
Nov 14 2017 00:50
@DelphiWorlds why not? multicast APIs allow it. If you bind a single socket to an interface, you can receive from multiple groups on the same interface without using more sockets