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Nov 2017
Ludwig Behm
Nov 17 2017 00:02
@rlebeau currently I only have TaskManager/ResourceMonitor and the fact that after a couple of days my 32bit applications hit 2GB and stop working.
I assume I'm using the default thread scheduler (see example), ResourceMonitor shows 10-14 threads (~30 threads with 500 rps) and TCPView shows a lot (so I assume 1 connection/request).
And yes, I'm sorry - I'm blind in this case. I admit I haven't that much of experience in MemoryManagementDebugging.
Just as a note: for testing I use Locust (some hipster python script), and my THTTPServer is running as a Windows service in a Xen(qemu) VM (Win7/2012R2).
Remy Lebeau
Nov 17 2017 00:11
@lbehm do you have the same issues when not in a VM?? What actual stats in TM are you looking at? There are all kinds of memory counters, and they paint different pictures. And when you say it "stops working", what do you mean exactly?
Ludwig Behm
Nov 17 2017 00:21
@rlebeau the web service doesn't replies requests, the service doesn't receive net stop servicename. I always have to kill the process. In TM I have one value, in ResourceMonitor I have 'Private' and 2 other indicators I doesn't know how to translate into english. These 3 are increasing at roughly the same rate. A 4th one (something like is sharable/freeable) stays always at ~7kb.
I'm going to test on HW tomorrow - doesn't have a Windows around. Also: no big difference between win32/win64, bcc/clang, static/dynamic linking