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Nov 2017
Scott Gast
Nov 24 2017 15:21
@rlebeau Thank you so much! I've got the TLS1/SMTP working now. Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays from Texas. :)
Nov 24 2017 16:44
Hi, quick heads-up: there's a bug in IdGlobal since r5435 when USE_ICONV is defined
line 3236 ....'UTF-16', 'UTF16' 'UTF-16LE', 'UTF16LE', ...
Nov 24 2017 23:03
line 3259 is missing a semicolon as well
Nov 24 2017 23:32
Sadly it doesn't work even when fixing those,
also tried r5434
target is ARM Linux (2.6.34), libc 2.13