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Feb 2018
Feb 11 2018 16:11
Found a few type errors in IdSSLOpenSSLHeaders.pas:
In definitions of EVP_DecryptUpdate, EVP_DecryptFinal, EVP_DecryptFinal_ex, EVP_CipherUpdate and EVP_OpenFinal, the type of outl parameter should not be TIdC_INT, but PIdC_INT.
The next_proto_select_cb function pointer field in the definition of SSL_CTX record: Its definition should be either 'outlen : PIdAnsiChar' or 'out outlen: TIdAnsiChar' .
Remy Lebeau
Feb 11 2018 18:33
@rkmanaz the original DumpCert code is fine. Look at the declaration of BIO_get_mem_data() in IdSSLOpenSSLHeaders.pas: function BIO_get_mem_data(b : PBIO; out pp : Pointer) : TIdC_INT; In Delphi, out: Pointer is equivilent to void** in C. The original code was already passing a pointer-to-pointer. Your change is passing a pointer-to-pointer-to-pointer instead
Remy Lebeau
Feb 11 2018 18:41
@mercedwang I don't have time right now to review everything you have pointed out, I'll do it tomorrow