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Mar 2018
Jeroen Wiert Pluimers
Mar 01 2018 17:31
Remy Lebeau
Mar 01 2018 17:33
@jpluimers I don't visit Google groups very often
Remy Lebeau
Mar 01 2018 17:42
@jpluimers I'll review it when I have some time
@jpluimers I updated IndySockets/Indy#49 with the link to Paul's implementation so I don't lose it
Mar 01 2018 18:42
Looks cool.. definitely to look at integrating...
Remy Lebeau
Mar 01 2018 18:49
Indy has an SSPI implementation that it uses for TIdSSPINTLMAuthentication for NTLM over HTTP, but last time I looked at it, I seem to recall that it is not generalized enough for reuse with SChannel, which also uses SSPI. If we can finish fleshing out the IdSSPI unit with some missing pieces, and maybe port some of the code from the IdAuthenticationSSPI unit into IdSSPI or another common unit, that would go a long way to making an SChannel IOHandler easier to implement within Indy. I'm sure there are pieces of Paul's implementation that duplicate pieces that Indy already has and should reuse. I was already working on learning the SSPI API for SChannel use, but that effort is still in test code and not in Indy yet.