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Mar 2018
Only Embarcadero knows the exact reason
Mar 02 2018 14:44
was it in one of those paths?
Mar 02 2018 14:45
Hm, my image upload does not work atm :(
File only in Indy SVN: 'Protocols\IdSASL_NTLM.pas'
Mar 02 2018 14:55
not sure then... its up to EMBT.. but you can always just pull from svn or update Indy to latest anyway
Mar 02 2018 15:18
@jaclas Love your avatar BTW :) Where's Lucky?
Mar 02 2018 19:40

@czhower Can I safely uninstall Indy from delphi and install the current ones from the repo? Do not other delphi controls use Indy (e.g. REST library)?

@czhower Lucky is in my... ekhmm.. in a safe place ;-)

thx for help

Mar 02 2018 20:24
I'm not sure - better to ask @rlebeau . When Atozed uses Indy, we alias all units to avoid conflicts as Delphi has no native multi version support.
Remy Lebeau
Mar 02 2018 21:10
@jaclas this is actually covered in Indy's installation notes. And no, the REST library does not use Indy, but DataSnap and LiveTiles do