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Mar 2018
Mar 08 2018 05:36
Is the Bindings property editor somewhere in the Indy source? Can't seem to find it
Mar 08 2018 05:41
Backing up a little.. Using a binding that's added at design time seems to be different to what I'm doing at runtime:
  LBinding: TIdSocketHandle;
  IdIPMCastClient1.IPVersion := TIdIPVersion.Id_IPv6;
  IdIPMCastClient1.DefaultPort := 6000;
  IdIPMCastClient1.MulticastGroup := 'FF02::1';
  LBinding := IdIPMCastClient1.Bindings.Add;
  LBinding.IPVersion := IdIPMCastClient1.IPVersion;
  LBinding.IP := '::';
  LBinding.Port := IdIPMCastClient1.DefaultPort;
  IdIPMCastClient1.Active := True;
When there are no connections to an IPv6 network, it crashes on the setSockOpt call (called from TIdStackVCLPosix.SetSocketOption) when AddMulticastMembership is called. If I use the bindings editor to do the same thing (at least I hope it's the same), it does not crash
Mar 08 2018 05:48
D'Oh.. Just realised I can look at the form as text..
I'm guessing I'm doing something in the wrong order
Mar 08 2018 05:53
er... nope. Using a design-time binding, but setting Active to True in FormCreate also causes the crash, so it's a matter of timing..
Mar 08 2018 16:55
Daily occurrance... often multiple times per day... and on all 3 of my PCs..... and this is just one of the issues.
Ludwig Behm
Mar 08 2018 18:12
@czhower Write everything in JS, they said... You donn't have to mind the memory they said...
Mar 08 2018 20:28
Dont get me started on JS.. .one fo the worst designed langauges ever.. decades behind others yet they think its cutting edge...... they get a new fewature in ES2015 other langs have had for 20 years and they all crow like they are the most advanced thing out there.... but until they get a feature all they do is downplay it....