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Mar 2018
Mar 09 2018 00:48
I just see JS as a means to an end.. I'm not terribly keen on the language, either
My personal goal is to use as little of it as possible.. meanwhile I do some Angular development for my main client :-(
...where they put boatloads of business logic into the JS..
Mar 09 2018 04:03
@DelphiWorlds You should check up on IW17 :)
Ludwig Behm
Mar 09 2018 14:14
@DelphiWorlds similar with me. Have to write the Frontend with AngularJS - which is enormous bloat but IMHO one of the best of the worst. But all the serious Business-Logic is always in the backend...
Mar 09 2018 22:13
@czhower I plan to sometime for myself.. but I doubt this client would change any time soon