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Mar 2018
Remy Lebeau
Mar 10 2018 01:07
@DelphiWorlds the Bindings property editor is implemented in IdDsnPropEdBindingVCL.pas and IdCoreDsnRegister.pas. And of course, if you are not connected to an IPv6 network when activating the TIdIPMCastClient, you are going to run into errors trying to join an IPv6 multicast group. Populating the Bindings doesn't allocate any socket at design-time, and activating the client at runtime can still allocate an IPv6 socket and bind it locally without being connected to an IPv6 network, but joining the group requires communicating with the network, so a network connection is needed.
Mar 10 2018 22:08
Next issue.. TIdHTTPServer on an Android 8.1 device does not appear to be able to allow incoming connections. Before I dive headlong into a painfully slow debug, is there something I can check? Same code is working for someone else on an Android 7 device