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Apr 2018
Ludwig Behm
Apr 18 2018 12:16
@rlebeau I ended up creating multiple message parts: text/html, text/plain, multipart/alternative, multipart/related... And figured out that TIdMessageClient.SendBody() goes into an endless loop if the message parts aren't created in the correct order. I create every part with new TIdText(pMessage->MessageParts, NULL) and set the correct ParentPartid. Is there a way to reorder them based on the ParentPart id?
Ludwig Behm
Apr 18 2018 14:10
ok throw everything away and used TIdMessageBuilderHtml - this works for now...
Remy Lebeau
Apr 18 2018 18:38
@lbehm yes, order matters (the parts are sent in the order they are listed, and MIME is very sensitive to the order - something I plan to address in the future: IndySockets/Indy#139), however I have never seen SendBody() get stuck in an infinite loop before. Can you provide an example that causes this?