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Aug 2018
Aug 13 2018 11:28
Interesting, today I got also a "Socket Error # 2" while connecting via TidTCP with an OpenSSL IO Handler to a plaintext TCP Server (written in .NET).
Using Delphi Berlin with stock Indy.
Aug 13 2018 11:34
If I try to reproduce that scenario in a SSCCE I get an "Socket Error # 10060 Connection timed out."
Remy Lebeau
Aug 13 2018 17:47
@mezen Makes sense if you connect to a plaintext (non-SSL/TLS) server and Indy tries to invoke an SSL/TLS handshake with it, there won't be a valid response. The SSLIOHandler does use a 30-second timeout at the socket layer by default on Vista+, unless you specify your own ReadTimeout