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Oct 2018
Oct 15 2018 17:28
remy....i change that
im thinking how is for invoke an event from other function?
i want make a refresh of re-build users channel list from other part
calling to event IdIRC1NicknamesListReceived
Remy Lebeau
Oct 15 2018 17:32
@dixiewarp_twitter Use the TIdIRC.ListChannelNicknames() method to send the server a NAMES command, which will then trigger the TIdIRC.OnNicknamesListReceived event with the latest list of names. See RFC 2812 section 3.2.5 for the formal definition of the command parameters.
Oct 15 2018 19:47
solved Remy
now works
you remember what is the virtual keycode for enter key?
Oct 15 2018 20:00
IIRC yes, but virtual keys are normally not used in internet protocols.
Remy Lebeau
Oct 15 2018 20:03
@czhower no, but they are used on OnKey... event handlers. He probably just wants on OnKeyPress event to send data to IRC on an ENTER press