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Nov 2018
Nov 02 2018 19:14
hello Remy & mezen
after some days i back to the IRC program
i have some trouble to obtain ServerUsers through IdIRC->ListServerUsers() function
it dont give error but when execute....dont show nothing....and seem the AUsers string list is empty
Remy Lebeau
Nov 02 2018 19:40
@dixiewarp_twitter If the IRC server allows the USERS command (it may be disabled for security reasons), the TIdIRC.OnServerUsersListReceived event will be triggered when the list of users has been received in full. The AUsers parameter being empty is a valid and possible condition, particularly if the server replied with a 395 reply code (no users). But, if the command fails, the TIdIRC.OnServerError event will be triggered instead, where the AErrorCode parameter will be either 402 (no such server), 424 (file error), or 446 (users disabled). Use the TIdIRC.OnRaw event to see what the server is actually responding with.