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Jan 2019
Remy Lebeau
Jan 11 13:13
@mezen yes, that is the correct usage
@mezen access to GStack and related globals is guaranteed to be valid only when the usage counter is > 0
Remy Lebeau
Jan 11 13:20
@mezen IncUsage instantiates the platform-specific class assigned to GStackClass (TIdStackWindows, TIdStackVCLPosix, etc) and their constructors then set GStack, GBSDStack, GWindowsStack as needed. No, none of them are set to nil when destroyed (such as by DecUsage)
Jan 11 13:42
None of them are set to nil? What about
      if GInstanceCount = 0 then begin
Remy Lebeau
Jan 11 15:49
@mezen nevermind