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Apr 2015
Jean-Baptiste Rudant
Apr 09 2015 17:29
Hopla !
I made some changes to the build process. I hope you wouldn't mind, but dont hesitate to roll them back if the don't suit you.
The main idea is that babel can take care of jsx transformations. I removed the es6 folder and put the es6 files directly inside models. And I changed the extension. I had also to remove the first line of components because babel don't like them since the "pragma" thing is depreceated.
Jean-Baptiste Rudant
Apr 09 2015 17:37
On my personal repository, I also made some changes to take care of the development build process only with npm scripts. I use browsersync. Tell me if you want me to push them to the remote repository. It's a question of personnal taste.
Jean-Baptiste Rudant
Apr 09 2015 17:42
Hmmm, I have already pushed them, it wasn't my intention, but I'm a little clumsy with git.
Apr 09 2015 19:14
Well done JB, next time i want to promote something, i'll push it directly on the master. :smile:
Also, i'm a bit partagé because avons nous vraiment besoin to speak english in notre Glitter ? I mean, ok pour commenter en anglais les commits et issues GitHub, mais do we have to do the same in the chat room ?
Jean-Baptiste Rudant
Apr 09 2015 19:26
Ben, not really. Va pour le Français.
J'aimerais installer le fichier javascript qui va avec Bootstrap. Je pensais le faire avec Bower, qu'en penses-tu ? Si tu préfères, je peux le mettre à la main. Il y a une dépendance sur jquery, qui faudrait que je copie aussi. Mais peut-être que tu voulais éviter ça ?
Au moins en Anglais, je n'ai pas honte de mes fautes d'orthographes....