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Repo info
    Yadvendra Shekhawat
    But I am facing a problem
    I am not getting feeds of other users
    or other's tag
    Can someone please help me to solve the problem
    Vikash Singh
    Hello Everyone,
    Can you provide me source code to post the image on instagram portal using asp.net application or .net framework . i am struck to search the code please help me.
    can i use InstaSharp for mobile device?? (by windows phone 8.1)
    Damien Saunier
    Yes, it's a portable class Library supporting Windows Phone 8.1
    Hello! Im completly new to Instasharp and I was wondering if there are any docs where I can read about how to start my first instaSharp project with maybe some syntaxes etc.
    Geoffrey Obuya
    is there any one with the code that gets images and caption from Instagram to a windows phone c#
    Emir Kılınç
    hi guys. Can we catch public post on instaSharp right?
    i'm a newbie
    I want to using instasharp in winform C# app
    some one please help me
    how to start with instasharp
    Danyal Malik
    Can we login to instagram by prompting users with popup for username and password rather then redirecting them to instagram for oAuth?
    like few websites are already doing that
    Shiva Manjunath

    Everybody take a look at this (and the surrounding discussion in comments). https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11834785 .

    After IG changed their API access and severly restricted it last summer, it's pointless to even try and develop something around their API. They sandbox you into 20 test accounts. And when you apply to get access to the real API, the rejection rate is very high. There are instances in that thread where it appears that IG staff didn't even look at the App / Use Case demo video and rejected it outright. IG has been since moving towards in-app native ads, so I think they are stifling 3-rd Party API devs like us, just like Twitter did a few years ago. Sorry for the bad news, but this is the state of affairs with the IG API


    Hello Everyone !
    I am trying to install instasharp package into my webforms ASP.NET application. in visual studio 2013 but it is giving me an error "Instasharp could not be installed because it is not compatible with type of project in the solution. package targets the following frameworks .NET STANDARD , Version v1.2"

    Any idea?

    anyone there?
    @Workaholic01 try to add "frameworks": {
    "netstandard1.2": {
    "imports": "portable46-net451+win81"
    in your project.json
    guys, I have a problem with authorisation with instasharp. api.LoginAsync() gives me Succeeded=true, but api.IsUserAuthenticated=false and any API request throws exception with @user must be authenticated: message. It's just me or instasharp is broken?
    nvm, this is wrong project=D
    Hello, the normal api does not provide access for users email as they private. but some business pages include email button as contact information. When I click this button on the mobile app I can see the email... Can I somehow get this email address with this INSTASHARP tool?
    Hellow guys, can some body give exemple of code for Autorization Insta on C# With this dll
    is there a desktop sample application?
    what is the body of this method in Sample Project?
    public Task<MediasResponse> Feed(string maxId, string minId, Nullable<int> count) { //TODO }
    why this method response is empty
    Can i get analytic datas with this api ?
    Doğan KARTAL
    Hi, I Use InstaSharp. Can you help me for code?
    Turgay Budak
    Hi, I Use InstaSharp. Can you help me for code
    I use instasharp
    Camila Magrane
    Hi I can not find the InstaSharp dll, can someone send it or tell me how to find it? Thank you!
    Hi Is there any way to list users blocked list?
    Hi, I need c# code that use InstaSharp login but use the instgram page while login
    @dogankartal I want to login with instagram using instasharp api but want to login user using instagram page
    hi I want to do processes on several accounts.But I get SystemNullReferenceException error.How can I solve that.Please help.It is so important for me.
    Alex Bess
    I've recently started using Instagram for blogging. Of course, I faced the problem of promotion and increasing the number of followers. My friend suggested me using Twicsy for this purpose. Also, I want to learn more about InstaSharp. So, thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge, it is helpful for me.
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