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    Aritra Bhaduri
    Hello everyone I am Aritra Bhaduri, I have started in open source development and want to take part in GSOC 2022, I have worked in MERN stack before and have decent knowledge of git and github.
    My github link: https://github.com/aritroCoder
    If there are any good starting issues for me, please assign it to me
    Rohan Guha
    Hello everyone! I'm a 2nd year CS Undergrad, having knowledge of Java, C, basic C++ and data structures. I am looking to collaborate in the open source space. I have interests in Kubernetes(some experience too), GoLang, Rust and JavaScript. Excited for GSoC 2022! e-mail- rohanguha9916@gmail.com twitter- https://twitter.com/PizzaBwoyy
    Prince Roy
    Hello Everyone! I'm a sophomore from the Institue of Technical Education & Research having full knowledge of the MERN stack with other technologies as well. Currently contributing to the JGEC Winter Of Code 2022 program. Proficient in DSA(Java). Started learning DevOps. Email : princeku.ray143@gmail.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/prince_popups
    Jai Mehta
    Hello Everyone! I'm Jai from Chandigarh University having knowledge of the MERN stack and Java . I am also proficient in Data Structures and Algorithms and want to take part in GSOC 2022 . I have done open Source contribution . Connect me on Email: jaimehta1912@gmail.com and Linkedin :https://www.linkedin.com/in/jai-mehta-9860ab1aa/ and Github :https://github.com/onso19
    Bhanupratap Rathore
    Hello Everyone ! I'm Bhanupratap Rathore a CS student at BITS Pilani. I am proficient in java, c++ and client side scripting in javascript and react js .I have a keen interest in open source and very excited for GSOC'22 .If there are any starting issues I would be happy to take them.
    Kalpesh Vishwakarma
    Hi Everyone, I am Kalpesh Vishwakarma, currently pursuing B.Tech (2nd year) in National Institute of Technology Meghalaya. I am also the development coordinator of Coding Club of NIT Meghalaya. I am skilled in C++, JavaScript, node.js, react.js. My primary interest resides in web development and I have made meaningful contributions to open source before, and participated in HacktoberFest 2021. I have worked on projects which has good number of active users, and some of the good ones include the Coding Club website of our Institute.
    I just read the message from the GSoC admin, so I shall look at the previous years ideas proposed by JBoss community and will try to go through the repository of JBoss community and other materials available in the GSoC archives. I wish to give my best contribution to open source by participating in GSoC 2022. Thank you.
    Hello, I'm Siddharaj Yadav a computer engineering undergraduate, Pursuing TE at D Y Patil College under (Pune University).
    I am new to open source contribution but I am well aware of Python,Django,HTML and Git& GitHub. I would to contribute to your organization but could you please tell me how to get started? Gsoc
    Hoping to hear from you soon
    mail- sidharajyadav157@gmail.com how i start contributed? guide me
    Ankit Sharma
    Hi everyone, am Ankit, with a skill set of machine learning, deep learning, NLP, Pyspark, AWS, web dev , c++ and I want to contribute in jboss community. I have recently contributed in scikit-learn
    Prakhar Mishra
    Hi everyone, am Prakhar Mishra, with skills in Frontend and api development and also c++ programming.
    I want to contribute in your project
    Kaveesha Dinamidu
    Hi everyone, I'm Kaveesha Dinamidu, currently a 2nd-year undergraduate in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I have skills in C, C++, Java, Python, Rust, and JavaScript. Apart from that, I am confident with many Javascript frameworks also. And I am a newbie to Open Source Community and I am looking forward to contributing to JBoss in GSoC 2022.
    Hloooo everyone, hope so you all are doing good. I'm a newbie and very excited about learning this tech. can anyone guide me a little bit I am promising you - your efforts will not go in vain.
    Aryan Kumar
    Hi everybody, I am Aryan, I just joined today and want to start contributing to JBOSS community, I am proficient in java , and basic understanding of C++ syntax. Iam a newbie to open-source, so how do I start contributing?? Anyone could help.
    Aryan Kumar
    I even know git & github, HTML5, CSS3, C, basic javascript, web dev won a hackathon in girlscript regarding, linux commands
    Kritik Modi
    Hey there! I'm Kritik Modi, a CSE undergrad from India. I'm interested in learning Golang better, understanding the codebase of JBoss's project(s) and contributing to them. Thanks!
    Prakhar Mishra
    I am bit confused how to setup project locally to find small bugs and make pr @mentor
    Ali Ok
    Hello everyone. We have more ideas in the ideas page now: https://spaces.redhat.com/display/GSOC/Google+Summer+of+Code+2022+Ideas
    3 replies
    Samyak Choudhary
    Hi everyone, I'm Samyak Choudhary, a 2nd-year undergrad from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. I have proficiency in react.js and some knowledge of the rest of the tech stacks in MERN. I'm a newbie in open-source looking forward to contributing in JBoss in GSoC'22.
    hey i am new to open source can anyone suggest how should i start
    hey I am also new to open source. Can anyone suggest how should I start Contributing .
    Dhruv Arora
    Hi everyone, I'm Dhruv Arora, a third year student from NIT Bhopal, I am aware of Android in java, ReactJS, NodeJS, Django, HTML, CSS, C++ and have also done certain projects with them. I am participating in GSoC 2022, I want to contribute to JBoss, so can anyone guild me where to get started?
    Hello everyone, I am Adarsh Priyadarshi. I am currently a sophomore at IIT Roorkee, India.
    I want to contribute to this organization, and am looking forward to take part in GSOC 2022 as well.
    It would be really great if anyone could guide me with the projects and some beginner friendly issues.
    Ali Ok

    hi everyone. We have good number of ideas in the ideas page now : https://spaces.redhat.com/display/GSOC/Google+Summer+of+Code+2022+Ideas

    You can get in touch with the communities to learn more about the technology and the project idea.

    Umer Khan
    Hi my name is Umer Khan and I want contribute in projects.
    Umer Khan
    I know java and also C, C++.Give me a chance to contribute in your projects.
    Hi everyone, I'm JiaxingSong. I am a student of SWPU in China. I am participating in GSoC 2022, I have interesting in WildFly Elytron - TLS Enhancements, so can anyone guild me where to get started?Thanks for much!
    Yuvraj Chhetri
    Hi everyone I am Yuvraj Chhetri currently learning Devops, looking forward to learn and contribute in projects
    Farah Juma

    Hi everyone, I'm one of the mentors for the WildFly Elytron project.

    If you want to learn about security, this is your chance to develop a new security feature for the WildFly application server!

    As a bonus, you'll get to work with a diverse team.

    For all the details on our WildFly Elytron project, take a look here:

    Hi, everyone I am Sudersan, I am interested in Quarkus - API validation and tracking for Quarkus and Quarkiverse. It would be great if someone can guide me with where to get started.
    Aaditya Sinha
    Hi, everyone I am Aaditya, I am interested in Quarkus - API validation and tracking for Quarkus and Quarkiverse. It would be great if someone can guide me with where to get started.
    Ali Ok
    good morning everyone. As you've seen the news, we have been accepted as a participating organization this year again in GSoC
    As we have written earlier, it is a good idea to make research about the project you are interested in, try the code locally, introduce yourself to the community
    I am also learning DEVOPS & want to contribute.
    Hello everyone, I am studying for a master's degree in Southwest University of science and technology in China. I am familiar with Java, spring cloud series technology, cloud computing platform PAAS, big data, machine learning, etc. Recently, I'm building a cloud platform for the Internet of things, and I really hope to join the team. My email 1920731406@qq.com 。 thank you.
    Saurabh Rambhau Munghate
    Hi Everyone! My name is Saurabh Munghate. I'm an Engineering student fresher from India. I'm very excited to participate in GSOC 2022, this is the first time I'm participating in GSOC. I'm currently trying to be more proficient with my web development skills.
    I know front-end (HTML & CSS and basics of JavaScript ) and learning back-end development (JAVA). Hope I will learn a lot throughout the process.
    Thank You
    Rohan Guha
    I'm interested in the idea "Kruize Autotune - ML Based Workload classification". Anyone up for collaboration?
    Vibhoo Srivastava

    Respected sir/ma’am,
    I am Vibhoo Srivastava.I am a 1st year computer science undergrad at Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani West Bengal India.I am new to open source and I have just completed 1 semester in my college but I am very passionate about it and I know Java,C,C++,Html5,and basic javascript.I would really be grateful to you if you could please guide me how to begin contributing to your organization as I would love to contribute to your organization.I would love to start my open source journey with your organization and to become a part of your community.
    I hope to hear from you very soon.
    Thanking You

    Yours’ sincerely

    <I'm interested in the idea "Kruize Autotune - ML Based Workload classification". Anyone up for collaboration?> are you participating in GSOC 22?
    Rohan Guha
    I don't think you can collaborate in that case
    Ramakrishna Chhipa

    Hello mentors,
    I am Ramakrishna Chhipa. I am an engineering student, currently in my 3rd year in India. I am really excited to contribute to Open Source. For the past 2 years, I was trying but have not been able to make it to GSoC. My skills are HTML, CSS, JS, C++, Java, ReactJS, and Python.
    Please could you guide me on how to begin contributing to JBoss? Help me to start my open source journey.
    I hope you will contact me soon.
    My email:- ramakrishna.chhipa99@gmail.com

    Thank You

    Devam Parikh
    Please create some good first issues
    Ramakrishna Chhipa
    Can you suggest project according to my skill set?
    Nitish Kumar
    Hey everyone, My name is Nitish. I'm currently pursuing my majors in Computer Science and Engineering at Lovely Professional University (LPU), India. I have got a goodknowledge of Java and really want to contribute to the community with the help of my skills. Can anyone suggest me from where to start about? Looking forward to hear soon!
    Hello mentors,
    I am Dakshika, I am a second year undergraduate of Information Technology. I have a better knowledge in Java, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery ,PHP,Mysql and also I have a basic knowledge in python. And now I started self studies on NodeJS and creating Restful APIs.
    I have an idea to contribute to the project “Infinispan and NodeJS – NodeJS client evolutions”
    I hope the mentors guide me.
    Hello Everyone, My name is Neeraj Gartia. I'm a second-year undergraduate
    student of the department of Mathematics enrolled in its Mathematics and
    computing course at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I want to work on Infinispan and NodeJS - NodeJS client evolutions idea for this year GSoC.
    Can anyone please guide me for the next step.
    Om Raut
    hello mentors ,
    I am going through quarkus codebase
    Goal is to understand how RevApi is implemented
    if any one can help.
    Arya Pandey
    This message was deleted