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Repo info
    Priyanka Jain
    Hello :D welcome to the community
    Nandan MD
    Hello ! Im Nandan from GCI 2018
    Abhay Kumar
    Hey! I am participating in GCI 2018 with the JBoss Community, check them out at https://codein.withgoogle.com/organizations/jboss-community/
    Abhay Kumar
    Hello, I am very excited and enjoying Google code-In 2018. Today I choose a task of organization Jboss community. I liked Jboss community organization very much because their mentorship and their guidelines by a mentor is very good.I am interested in doing coding and interact with open source.
    Bartek Pacia
    Hi all :) I'm happy that I can take part in GCI 2018. I've chosen JBoss as an org for which I am going to do tasks, because I like Java and Android development. I've already done one simple task "for a good start" and I must say: mentors are awesome and very kind :) Jboss has been a good choice I think
    Kartik Sapra
    Hi @bartekpacia !
    Thanks for your kind words, we are happy to help!
    Hello everyone! I am Prasanna and I am happy to participate in the GCI 2018 .I feel very happy to be apart of Jboss Community.This is my first task in GCI 2018 and I am very excited about it.
    Divyansh Kulshreshtha
    Welcome @Prasann18941909_twitter!
    Qasim Khan
    Hi my name is Qasim Khan! i am interested in Java and Python computing. I like to use the android platform for development.
    Rasagnath Reddy
    Hi, my name is Rasagnanath Reddy. I am interested in coding and computing.
    Priyanka Jain
    Hey, welcome to the community :D
    Hello everyone.This is the first time i have applied for GCI first time.I am hear to learn new things and l.earn coding
    Kartik Sapra
    @Eshaabhasin hey welcome to the JBOSS community!
    Hi my name Rama lokesh reddy , I am interested in computer and online competions like google code in , scratch etc
    Hi my name is Naveen. I am interested in coding and computing.
    hi my name is Sushmanth Teja.B i am interested in coding,competing etc.........,
    hi.My name is Harish.R. My interest are coding,designing etc..
    i am girish reddy ,iam interested in google code in
    I am Jayakanth, I am interested in coding and computing.
    Hi I'm Rohit M. Im interesting in coding, software design, and bio-tech
    hi,my name is shagun, and Im interested in designing and research
    Hey People, This is Smit Rambhia Here I am Currently a school studnet of class IX and love coding, and currently learning JAVA. I have been a successful participant of Google-Code In 2017.....I wish to become a software engineer and love technology and computers.
    Hi my name is N.kedarnath..i am interested in computing and coding
    Mansi Gandhi
    Hey everyone! I am Mansi and this is my second year participating in Google Code-In. I think the environment and idea is very nice, which is why I came back for a second year of competitions. I really enjoy learning about coding and computers!
    Anuj Garg

    Hey folks. For GCI discussions you can join https://gitter.im/JBossOutreach/gci

    This one is specific to project gci.jbossoutreach.org

    Hi my name is Meedivemula taruni I am interested in coding and computing.
    hi my name is ram likhith i am interested in coding competing
    H myself Saksham Gupta I am a student and I m interested in coding and to computing
    Priyanka Jain
    Welcome to the community people :D
    Hello everyone myself diksha gupta and iam very much interested in coding and computing
    hi i am hemanth kumar i am interested in google codein
    hi I am ramalokeshwar, I am interested in coding
    hi I am shanmukha, I am interested in coding
    Hi my name is vishnu vardhan my interests are coding competing etc........,
    Dilum De Silva
    A big hello to all the people who joined recently….🙋‍♂️
    hi i am abhinay i am intrested in google code in
    hi my name is vishnu vardhan my interests are coding,competing etc...........,
    Hi My Name is Vansh Singla and I am doing my second task in google code in
    Hi, my name is Murari. I am interested in online competitions.
    hi i am harshith i am intrested in google code in
    hai iam rounaq iam intrested to do google code in
    Dilum De Silva
    Hello all the new comers…….!
    Looking foward to work with you all.
    hi i am mahendra i am intrested in coding
    Tavleen Sasan
    Hi, I'm Tavleen. I love to work with open source applications. My interest is in coding.
    hi i am rounaq i am intrested in coding
    Hi,I am Dev Gupta and I had participated in google code in second time.
    Hi I am pranav. This is my first time participating in Google Code in. i love tennis and coding..
    Hi I am upendra teja This is my first time participating in Google Code in. i love tennis and coding..