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Daniel Oluojomu
Thank you😊 and congratulations to you too 😊
Regan Iwadha
Congrats everyone!!!
Ali Ok
Congrats everyone. Really happy with the work you did with our community!
We would be happy to see you next year as well, either as GCI students again or GSoC students :)
Kunal Kushwaha
Congrats everybody! Keep up the good work πŸ˜„
Aayushman Choudhary
Thanks @aliok @kunal-kushwaha
Vishwajit Nerkar
Why is this repo not going ahead of Sign up!
Divyansh Kulshreshtha
Congrats everyone! :tada:
@crowded-geek @sayamss @danvixent Melunian and Skyterix!
Hoping to see you guys in next year's GCI as well, as participants or mentors ;)
sayam sawai
@divyanshkul thanks a lot,
congrats to everyone who participated ,
thanks to my peers @crowded-geek @reaganiwadha @rachittt @danvixent @ParthPali and everyone whom i interacted with
thanks to all the mentors especially @Khukhunashvili @anukritijha @pprokopi @lavanyagaur
Daniel Oluojomu
You're welcome @sayamss
Thanks to all the mentors too, and to everyone who contributed here
@sayamss You're welcome Sayam! Hope to see you back next year :)
Aman Rajput

Hello everyone I am Aman Singh Rajput 3rd Year Electrical engineering from IIT BHU VARANASI . I want to get started for GSOC 2020 So i want to contribute to your organisation. I have experience in Core JAVA and Software Development in JAVA. So anyone please help me to get started .

vdeshanFeb 24 16:25

Aayushman Choudhary
Just go to the projects, see the issues and fix them :)
Aman Rajput
@crowded-geek sir can you connect me to any of the mentor so that he may guide me
@asraman9792 You have joined the wrong chat, this one is for GCI (Google Code-In), not GSoC
Anuj Garg
@asraman9792 please take a look at idea list provided at gsoc platform and try to reach mentors for project you are interested in. Let me know if you are unable to connect
sayam sawai
The trip got cancelled
Because of Coronavirus outbreak 😭😭
Daniel Oluojomu
Omg😞😰.....so sorry bro😞
Girish Garg
Has GCI been discontinued from 2020?
sayam sawai
Bartek Pacia
Abhishek Sharma
Hello everyone, I am Abhishek Sharma, CSE 2nd year Student from MAIT Delhi. I am new to open source, can you please guide me through my upcoming journey to open source.
Abhay kumar
@AbhishekSharma-86 : GCI is closed now . If you are talking about GSoC then this is not the right place for you. You should find other conversations of JBoss