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Jul 2015
Jul 09 2015 11:37
Hello JScott, I found your package. I tried to use it in latest cardboard sdk but didnt work out in my case. plaease can you provide me steps to use your package in version 2.0 . and prefab is also not opening in unity3d 5.x
Justin Scott
Jul 09 2015 15:35
Hey @pradeepsunovatech. First, did you import the scripts via the latest unitypackage? A lot of the prefab issues come from people just importing the code directly in which Unity doesn't really handle all that well
Second, I assume you mean Cardboard 2.0 in which case not yet. The updated model is shipping to me now which will let me build out the platform to support it but it currently was built with the original in mind
You guys will be the first to know when it supports the new model of course :)