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Dec 2015
Kasper Toft Andersen
Dec 03 2015 21:44
Just out of curiousity, is there a reason why a completely new name was chosen instead of reusing the existing fubu name?
Jeremy D. Miller
Dec 03 2015 22:15
@toftware The relevant quote from me (over a year ago):

"FubuWeb, or possibly Jasper (my hometown) for a complete rebranding, is the name in my head for a complete “Casino Royale” style reboot of FubuMVC sometime next year. While I think that we’d happily cannibalize bits and pieces from our existing ecosystem, I want to start from a blank repository.

Why change the name instead of opting for v3? FubuMVC was never a true model 2 MVC framework, the name was misleading, and it turned off people at a glance that weren’t interested in a model 2 architecture. More importantly, if this happens at all and I’m involved, I wanna feel like it’s a fresh start."

The “FUBU” name — and yes, it was my idea — was a poke in the eye toward MS and it definitely turned off some folks. I want both the fresh start, make folks understand that it is something significantly new, and use a name that won’t piss off other people before it even starts. “Jasper” couldn’t possibly any more innocuous.
Jeremy D. Miller
Dec 03 2015 23:25
@/all Just for bookkeeping purposes, after talking to @jmarnold today, I went ahead and combined that very small JasperRouter library into Alba:
“Alba” is going to be a relatively small, standalone library for OWIN-centric helpers and functionality that can be usable outside of the big bad Jasper fx