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Jan 2018
Phillip Haydon
Jan 16 2018 03:56
there's a new room?
Ahh, in regards to full text, it is possible to add it to pre v10 of postgresql, but it requires pulling specific properties out and building the ts_vector column via a trigger (kinda how you're meant to do it with normal columns) then having properties to provide search's on the API, i.e session.Search<Product>("value").Or("thing").Where(x => x.Price > 10).ToListAsync()
in V10, i donno how the full text search works yet, so i donno how the API could/should differ between the two versions
Jeremy D. Miller
Jan 16 2018 12:18
@phillip-haydon Ah, just the wrong room. This is the room for the actual Jasper project
Mark Warpool
Jan 16 2018 14:54
@phillip-haydon It looks like it's a simple as creating a new index, and then writing proper query
I'm working on a prototype for it, my intent is to create a new kind of IIndexDefinition and then add some session.Search<T>() methods to IQuerySession
let me know if you have any thoughts on that
Eric J. Smith
Jan 16 2018 16:58
@jeremydmiller just read your bluemilk post. Sounds very interesting. Have you done any perf tests at this point to see how your ideas compare to say the built in ASPNETCORE DI container?
Jeremy D. Miller
Jan 16 2018 17:01
No, not yet. I doubt it would be different enough to even matter in most cases though. The killer thing for blue milk + jasper is being able to do IoC/scope kinda things w/o any IoC tool in the middle
Eric J. Smith
Jan 16 2018 17:02
So basically if I am understanding correctly. What you are doing is providing enough meta information about the registrations to allow you to generate code that skips using the DI container completely at runtime. Is that correct?
Jeremy D. Miller
Jan 16 2018 17:15
Whenever possible, yes. Can’t do it in every case. Otherwise it falls back to acting normal w/ a nested container per request and does service location for the handler objects as need be. That’s codegen’d too
I think BlueMilk would come in a wee bit faster because compiled code is a bit more optimized than you get from building up Expression’s and then compiling that.
Eric J. Smith
Jan 16 2018 17:18
Yeah makes sense. And better debugging experience too. Sounds pretty awesome.